Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Click sequentially on the topics below to experience God's presence among us:

1. "I am who I am"
2. "Understood from what has been made"
3. "Male and female"
4. "The breath of life"
5. "Be fruitful"
6. "Multiply"
7. "Replenish the earth"
8. "Subdue it: and have dominion"
9. "Sown a natural body;Raised a spiritual body"
10. "We shall judge angels"
11. "The evening and the morning"
12. "Your father the devil"
13. "They would not have crucified the Lord of glory"
14. "Woman, why weepest thou?"
15. "This is what he said"

Inside each topic, click the "home" button or your browser's back button to return to this home page.

If you like, feed the fish by clicking in their water.

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